One tell-tale sign that you need sewer line or septic leach filed repair is a sewer line clog or other sewage backup. When your sewer line clogs and leaks, water is unable to travel down the line. The longer the clog stays in place, the more sever the backup becomes. Pressure can cause cracks in the already compromised sewer line. Because the toilets in your home have a direct connection to the sewer line, they are usually the first fixture to show signs of the backup. Signs will appear by way of bubbling or gurgling in the toilet. The gurgling will most likely occur while the shower or sink are in use. Slow draining in the bathtubs, sinks, and showers is also a sign. The slow draining will increase in severity as time goes on. As soon as you begin to notice slow draining, gurgling, or bubbling, call a plumber immediately. Delaying drain cleaning or repair can cause a widespread backup of sewage which will increase and spread the damage.

*If you are noticing any signs of water line damage, you should contact a plumber immediately to avoid further problems. There are many signs to look out for. The most noticeable and maybe the most catastrophic sign indicating your home needs water line repair is an astronomically high water bill. If your water bill shows an unordinary amount of water has been used in your home, it is likely that water is leaking from your pipes at a constant rate. This water sometimes appears in the form of a puddle in your yard. Grass will likely grow taller and appear greener in these areas. Both the puddle and grass are signs that water is leaking from your pipes. Low water pressure is another indication that your water lines are damaged and leaking. Call SK Contracting immediately to avoid more wasted water if you notice these signs.